This home exercise library is meant to help supplement our chiropractic care plans. 

If you are currently in pain, a prescribed exercise program by your chiropractor or another treating healthcare provider is the most appropriate way to begin. Some of these exercises have the potential to exacerbate your condition depending on the cause of your pain. Some of these exercises may not be appropriate for you until a later stage of your care plan. 

A comprehensive examination is essential in determining both the cause for your pain and the best way to approach your care and rehabilitation. We recommend that you first seek out the guidance of your healthcare provider prior to beginning these exercises, and then you can utilize our library as a way to check your form and mechanics. 

If you experience any pain or questionable discomfort with these exercises, stop immediately, and refer back to your healthcare provider for guidance. You may require a modification to the exercise, an alternative exercise, or a different intervention for your discomfort. 

If you’ve taken the appropriate initial steps above, we hope these exercises serve you in recalling the exercises prescribed by your healthcare provider. 

If you are currently not a patient of Monta Vista Family Chiropractic, we are not responsible for injuries as a result of these exercises, based on our recommendations above.


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